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The Coffeeshop is a directory that lists the best online shops where you can legally buy cannabis.

Guide & Information on Legal Cannabis Online coffee-shop Shops

Since the 2000s, the legalization of cannabis around the world has led to the opening of many online shops where you can now legally buy marijuana for recreational use, or for therapeutic use. These coffee-shop on the internet allow you to order and obtain all types of hemp-derived products: flowers, hashish, oil, isolates, cosmetics, edibles, etc. But where can you find quality cannabis for cheap? Our directory is here to help you! Discover lists, rankings and comparison of coffee-shop to find out where you can buy cannabis!


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There is a very wide variety of cannabis-based products: flowers, hashish, oil, e-liquid, cosmetics, etc. Each type of product corresponds to a specific need, and to a method of consumption. Indeed, among cannabis consumers, some are looking for a therapeutic effect thanks to the cannabinoids naturally present in hemp. And others prefer recreational use of marijuana in order to unwind and relax. In order to facilitate the choice of Internet users according to their needs and desires, our directory allows you to find the best online shops by type of product. Choose the cannabis product you want to buy, and find out which are the best sites where you can buy it safely on the internet.

What are the best online coffee shop to buy cannabis legally on the internet?

The legalization of cannabis has led to the opening of many e-commerce on the internet. Today, online shops offering the sale of cannabis in different forms (flowers, hashish, oil, cosmetics etc.) number in the thousands! Unfortunately, not all of these websites are necessarily reliable, secure, or of high quality. Some are even real scams, which is why it is important to be careful and do some research before buying cannabis on the internet. This is also why our directory exists! Because it allows Internet users to take advantage of a selection of reliable, secure and quality online stores.  


How are the Coffee Shop selected by our directory?

CoffeeShop guide and directory selects only the best coffee shop online. But what are our criteria? How do we choose the best among hundreds of shops?

Guide & Information on cannabinoids: effects, differences, legality etc.

Cannabis is a green plant with many bioactive molecules called " cannabinoids ". There are more than a hundred! Among the best known cannabinoids, we can cite THC, or even CBD. But every cannabinoid is different, from its molecular structure, to its effects. This is why we have dedicated a complete and detailed guide to learn more about each of the cannabinoids: effect, differences, legality etc.

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FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

A coffee shop is a place where it is possible to legally buy cannabis in all its forms: flowers, hashish, oil, e-liquid etc.

It all depends on where you live and the product in question. Indeed, some countries such as Holland, Canada, or the USA, have legalized the purchase and use of recreational and therapeutic cannabis. While other countries such as France or Belgium only tolerate the consumption of CBD cannabis without THC. So remember to find out about the legislation of your country before buying and consuming cannabis!